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  • Anti-Snap Cylinder Locks

  • You may have heard of the term "lock bumping". This happens when a burglar gains access to your home by snapping the standard lock cylinder on an exterior door.

    It is scarily quite common for burglars to snap a lock cylinder and it can be done with ease in a matter of seconds. Standard lock cylinders are made out of brass and have a major weakness. Burglars snap the brass cylinder and your lock is broken giving the burglar immediate access to your home.

    The recommended solution is to fit Anti-Snap-Cylinder locks. These locks are much more difficult to break.

    The diagram above on the anti-snap cylinder shows 2 lines. These act as a safety if the burglar tries to snap the cylinder then it only breaks from behind the line and therefore they have failed in breaking the cylinder in half. It is very good value and it is definitely worth getting Robbie to have a look at your locks and give you his professional recommendation.

    The door below had an Anti-Snap-Cylinder lock fitted and as a result the burglar was not able to gain access to this house.